Wednesday, October 8, 2014

so....i was on television

Want to get a mini-glimpse of a food shoot? Here's me on local tv show, Evening Magazine last night, photographing salmon. :)

Thank you, Evening, for the feature! I am very honored.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

pasta, 3 ways

I recently worked with a lovely student from Switzerland, who hired me to do a private workshop. She wanted to learn about styling, among other things. While I do not do my food styling for professional shoots, (I hire talented people for that), I DO do my own prop styling. I thought it would be fun for us to take the same food-- in this case, pasta-- and shoot it in 3 different styles. I liked the assignment so much, that I decided to do it myself, right along with her!

We spent some time looking at various websites and used specific sites as inspiration.
Can you tell which photographers influenced the shots below? :)

Thursday, September 4, 2014

two things you should know about

Well, hello! It appears I took the summer off from blogging. :)
But I am back! And with some cool things to share....

First off, the apple book I spent the past two years shooting is out! And it's pretty darn beautiful, if I do say so myself. In the near future, I will be posting a whole bunch of photos that didn't make it into the book (due to page count), but first I wanted to mention this event. I know it's last minute but, if you can attend, it will be a great opportunity to meet Rowan, learn about rare apples, taste some cider and get your hands on one of these books. You won't be sorry.

Second, my farm to table workshop is coming up in one month, and it's pretty much full. HOWEVER, one of the registrants recently had to back out of her spot and she has generously asked that it be given to a person who would love to attend but doesn't have the funds right now. I am going to call this the "Peggy Scholarship." :)

If you would like to be considered for this free spot, please first make absolute sure you can attend. The class description is here. Second, send me an email (clare at clarebarboza dot com) with "Peggy Scholarship" in the subject line and tell me why you are interested in the class. I will be choosing a winner by September 18th.

More soon...

Monday, June 16, 2014

ticket update for october farm to table workshop...


Just wanted to pop in quickly and tell y'all that I recently scheduled another Farm to Table Photography workshop, and it's happening October 2-5, 2014.

Like previous workshops, it will be in my favorite place- Whidbey Island, WA, and there will be  farm visits (a sheep farm and an organic vegetable farm), a trip to the local farmers market, food photography and styling sessions, great food and drink, and a big house where we will all stay.

As of now, there are only four ONE spot left, so get your ticket soon if you are interested in attending!

Tickets available HERE.

chocolate goodness

I wanted to take a really messy, imperfect chocolate shot and below you can see Julie styling that, as well as the final image.